Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NS Minerals

Do you love NS Mineral Cosmetics? http://www.nsminerals.com/ NS Minerals is offering $20- $40 to people who share about their products with others. I had so much fun introducing my daughter with sensitive skin to their products. It was so nice to find something that works for her! Mineral make-up is easy to apply and goes on so naturally. No worries about make-up lines caused by improper application of liquid foundation! Here are the details of the deal: NS loves hearing about your experience with our products! Send us a Youtube video with why you love our products and we'll send you an online code for $20 OFF your purchase!! No minimum order required to redeem your coupon. You can do up to two videos for two online coupons. Email the videos to janelle@nsminerals.com :) Offer ends November 31st!! Video Requirements. The video can be short and sweet, and we'd love it if you'd show off what product you have in it. Even a video off your phone works! Youtube video must have the tags "NS Minerals" and "Mineral Makeup" and have a link to or website. Blog Requirements: Review of our products needs to be at least 50 characters or more and have a link to our website. Blog has to be on a separate website from Facebook.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

What a fun day and what a family, do we have fun or what! Wish all of you were here we can't wait for our reunion!!!!!!!!! Love you all so much!
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Freedom Festival 10K Run

Happy Fourth of July!!
We started out our day of freedom with a 10K run.
Look how good we look for first thing in the morning!

Then we came back together for a BBQ with our family. Justin and Beth cooked up some amazing veggie skewers. Matt made dutch oven cobler...yum, yum!

We finished the night off with a movie and fireworks!
What a great way to go out with a BANG!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Blokus fun

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my froyo t shirt

Monica thinks I'm addicted to Froyo and she sends me this t shirt , is she crazy or what, I have no addictions!
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